Lecturers, please!

I’ve had enough of lecturers striking. I’m in my third year of University, and they’ve striked too many times now. We’ve had two 2-hour strikes last semester, a full day strike today (admittedly there wasn’t much of an effect), and a further 2 hour strike planned for Monday. But during each of these strikes, we’ve been unable to contact those striking, unable to recieve feedback for work and unable to ask for help; some people have even had cancelled lectures and seminars – as students we pay for all of this.

Perhaps I’d feel differently if the strikes had any effect, or were being noticed by the University’s. But they aren’t, and the Unions aren’t being listened to. The only being harmed by the strikes are the students, the one group that have little ability to fight back. Even though students at Warwick have put on their own lectures, they shouldn’t have had to, and I bet they weren’t reimbursed by the University. It isn’t as though students can respond by striking and not paying their tuition fees – cutting off the money supply for wages – because, for many of us, the payment is automatic.

I’m all for fair pay, as are most students, but alienating us isn’t the way to go!