Please find here a list of all places that I have been published, or have writing forthcoming:


Supplemental Thoughts, The Freedom Claus”, 25th December 2013

Mad Scientist Journal, “My Gran the Time-traveller”, 30th September 2013 (online, and downloadable)

Flashes in the Dark, “The Floor that Creaked”, 21st June 2013

NaNoWriMo 2015, “N-Day”, November 2015 – list of all relevant posts

Index of Free Flash Fiction published on Thoughtspill


Index of pieces for The Tab. This will take you to the index of all the pieces that I wrote for the student tabloid The Tab Hull, when was News Editor (Academic Year 2013/2014).

Hullfire: Debate News. Article written for the Hull University Union student newspaper to inform student population about the achievements of the Debating Society at the European Universities Debating Championships 2013.

EUDC blog for Hull Debating Society. The University of Hull Debating Society’s first tournament’s blog, written to detail our experiences at the European Universities Debating Championships 2013.



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