What I’m reading – Summer 2017

It’s coming to the end of the summer holiday and I’ll be returning to work/school/uni imminently. Here’s a round-up of what I’ve been reading:

The Forever War – Joe Haldeman
I quite enjoy Vietnam war films – Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now – and I had been recommended The Forever War. A good read, with some commentary on how society changes and how this is reflected in the actions of, and the reaction to, those returning from warfare.

The Accidental Time Machine – Joe Haldeman
A good yarn, reminiscent of the fiction on Daily Science Fiction.

Pet Semetary – Stephen King
Slightly predictable, but still an enjoyable and easy read.

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline
Last year I read Cline’s Armada. I wanted to read Ready Player One then, but I’d forgotten about it until I saw a trailer for the Spielberg film adaptation. I’m glad I managed to read it. It was good fun.

Alongside several non-fiction books and articles (mostly prep for the MEd), I’m currently reading REAMDE by Neal Stephenson.

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