Reading outside the “Zone”

Let’s face it, we all have a reading “zone”. This might be one genre, it might be more. But usually adults don’t read picture books aimed at children (unless they have young kids) and vice versa.

Sometimes it does us good to read outside the “zone” and read something that we don’t usually read. This was suggested to me when I started my A Level in English. I then picked a book at random off of Amazon (it ended up being Bookends by Jane Green).

As a trainee English teacher, it’s important that I have a broad knowledge of literature, as well as being aware of what the students are reading. (It also gives me an excuse to read and watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid).

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell was on offer on Amazon kindle, and the title seemed intriguing. I figured it was worth a shot. I sat and ploughed through it.

It was good fun, with the protagonist’s fanfic placed at the start of every chapter. In some ways it’s just a coming-of-age story from the point of view of a young woman, but it also captures the influence of series such as Harry Potter (Simon Snow seems inspired by Harry Potter) upon people’s lives. Cath is just a normal American teenager who has gone off to college, with the main focus of her life being her Fanfic.

It was definitely worth the money, even though it didn’t really do anything “new”, but I doubt that those who would find Fangirl in their “zone” would mind too much. As for someone who is reading out of their “zone” it seems like a book that teens would read, and does give an insight into how important the world of fanfic is to some people.